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A reputable publisher that provides quality educational content and services supporting a learning culture that contributes towards the growth of a knowledge-based society


Mission Statement

To develop a diverse publishing programme and make available quality educational materials for the schools and tertiary segments in the main teaching languages to complement and be compliant with the educational development of the country


Business Objectives

We focus to make teaching effective and learning fun to motivate and enhance the learning culture

To publish quality educational content and materials in various format, print, CD-Rom and online interative learning and assessments with internet links

Timely delivery to meet market needs by working with authors, business partners and collaboration with reputable local and international publishers

To nurture a business environment that explores and encourages innovation to achieve operations efficiency


Company Activities

We launched our first products with the NUSAMAS Publications imprint as the prime mover in our educational product development. Publications in the NUSAMAS Publications series have titles published in the Malay, English and Chinese language, in line with the best practices of Malaysian Education Curriculum and compliant with syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

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NUSAMAS Key Publications

Moving forward, our development programme will seek to cover the following categories in the pre-school, primary, secondary and STPM/Pre-U sectors;
1. Text Books
2. Reference Guides
3. Ancillary Titles – Revision and Workbooks
4. Non Acedemic Publications
5. General Interest Titles


NUSAMAS Key Publications

Other Global Mediastreet Publications Programme
1. Seeks local partners and reputable international publishers to co publish
2. Tap other cross promotional opportunities to provide greater market access